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Mitäs tekemistä fiiulla on taistelussa englannista? Vai joko tuohon on tulossa vähän laajempi kirjo koneita ja karttoja?

Wikipedian mukaan olisivat olleet mukana pommituksissa, joskaan ei kummoisilla tuloksilla.


Later they were used against Great Britain, when 13 and 50 Wing were sent in Belgium. They were fully equipped with BR.20Ms, but this didn't prevent one disaster after the other, with a ferry journey that ended with several bombers crashing, then with three bombers lost in a single night action, only because of errors and faults[1]. Two of these eight bombers even failed to find their airfield, lost in the night and their crews bailed out. On November 11, in a famous battle over Great Britain, some Hurricanes were sent to fight the Italians that returned, this time in a day mission with fighter escort. Even so, 3 bombers were downed and 4 were damaged out of ten. On the same day, the Italian fleet was torpedoed at Taranto, so Churchill said:'It was better for them, rest to protect their fleet in Italy'.

The Italians didn't try other day missions, and re-started flying night missions. At the end of the Battle of Britain, the Italian contribution was minimal, and a substantial failure. Still, almost 200 modern aircraft were involved, weakening the Regia Aereonanutica in Mediterranean.


Wikipedian mukaan olisivat olleet mukana pommituksissa, joskaan ei kummoisilla tuloksilla.

Italialaisten saavutukset toisessa maailmansodassa on melkein samaa tasoa kuin Sveitsin avomerilaivaston saavutukset... 

Eli minkä takia käyttää energiaa tuollaisen koneen tekemiseen, tai sitten on tulossa välimeren rintama erikseen tai jotain.

CH, veikkaisin että Malta, eli juurikin välimeren alue....

Laitan tähän lainauksen jonka poimin WoP:n keskustelupalstoilta, jonne joku oli sen lainannut tuolta yllämainituista keskustelupalstoilta. Elikkäs olekille esitettyjä kysymyksiä ja vastauksia.


Evgeny wrote:
Well, guys, I collected most questions in one post in order to let Oleg find them easily without searching through all the posts. He will answer them as soon as he can. And please don't give too many comments on this message untill Oleg answers it, cause it will ruin the whole idea of the collected questions. Hope for your understanding.

So, the questions:

1) Can we expect some kind of list regarding add-ons and changes implemented in the final 4.09 patch ?

Only when it will be ready. But now I can say that changes thare will be minimal, becasue of absolutely no time.

Evgeny wrote:
2) I would like it if Oleg could address the issue of countering the recent spate of hacks for 4.08, and to tell us what plans he has (if any) to once again lock down the game and combat those who would seek to open up the code.

Probably there willbe only very minimal changes. See answer above.

Evgeny wrote:
3) I remember Oleg saying way back that there would be AI available in Dogfight servers.
I wonder if the game had got onto testing Mutliplayer yet?

In BoB - Yes.

Evgeny wrote:
4) My question is if SOW gives you the possibility in offline mode to start your mission in Hangars or Parking possitions? And if so will there be the possibilty to give the aircraft rolling waypoints on the ground?

It will be possible in offline and in online. But for AI will be standard constant waypoints for parking (in hangar also)

Evgeny wrote:
5) Can you tell us about any new features in BOB that we don't know about?
So far, we know of dynamic weather and 6DOF...any surprises to come?
What does the future hold for IL2? If you stop further work on it, will the community be able to add content to it in the future?
What are your thoughts on the recently debated sound mod/hack?
I have a seperate post asking about the availability of any IL2 merchandise...is there any available?
If not, are there plans to do some merchandising?

There will be many surprises in time. Like with Il-2 we put in engine many things that will be open later later depending of middle PC power on the market.
With 4.09 we will stop any work with Il-2. Really we did it already... just waiting finalization of new maps.

Evgeny wrote:
6) I'm wondering if it will be possible to give pilots separate AI. That in a way a squadron is a good mix of rookie, experienced, veteran and ace pilots.

It will be in BoB. Already is in current code of BoB.

Evgeny wrote:
7) Will there be an in-game multiplayer session browser and chat room?
Following in the same vein, has there ever been plans or an idea to have a centralized skins server?

I would tell right now how will be origanized menus, details of multiplayer, etc. We don't need centralized skins server due to used technology.

Evgeny wrote:
Will the mission data files (.mis) be simple text as now? Or XML...?


Evgeny wrote:
9) My question is: on what operatiing system SOW-BOB will run?
Will it be based on OpenGl as Il2 was or DirectX?
Will it be DirectX9 or 10? Or both?

OpenGl - still main.

Evgeny wrote:
10) When can we see some SoW updates with vids and sounds?
Will 4.09 have new sounds? Seems it might discourage hacking.

Sounds of BoB only when beta will be on the runway.
No new sounds in 4.09.

Evgeny wrote:
11) Will the offline campaigns and missions be fully developed? or will you rely more on third party community involvement than you did in the Il2 franchise?
Will there be more programmable camera views and options for the movie makers?

missions will be done fully inside company.
Camera views will be expanded

Evgeny wrote:
12) Will players be able to fly any heaavy bombers in SoW.
Will SOW have some sort of fuel rearm and repair option.
Will SoW have historic ground battles WITH infantary.

No heavy bomber in BoB. They wasn't there at the period of time which we model.
Fuel rearm - will be. Repair - some sort.
No battles with infantry. We are doing flight sim.

Evgeny wrote:
13) Do you have any plans to, or interest in including the Hampden in SoW BoB?


Evgeny wrote:
14) And to avoid useless work for theses fans, is the french planes welcome in BoB or future realease?

In future possible

Evgeny wrote:
15) Will there be ground crew and vehicles arming and fueling the planes?

Some kind.

Evgeny wrote:
16) AI: will the AI situational awareness of AI pilots and gunners (also ship and land gunners) be subjected to sunlight blinding?

Some kind You all would like to much and too early

Evgeny wrote:
17) Also any possibility of making also Linux version of BoB ?


Evgeny wrote:
1 Has it been decided if you will release the 3D tools to 3rd party dev's?

It is our plan. But after release.

Evgeny wrote:
19) What is the purpose of the opening doors in the aircraft models?
What differences can we expect in the user interface?
What aspects of BoB will be customizable and what aspects will be closed?
Will SoW take advantage of the latest Sound Cards?
What will be the maximum number of pilots on a single server?

Too many questions. Will answer just one. Openable door we need for visuals and future updates of features .
Sound - we alwasy use the most advanced sound cards that to get binaural sound.

Evgeny wrote:
20) What are the minimum and recommended hardware specs?
What is a likely release date?

I can answer right now exact things. Better to do not buy now new hardware... and wait release or final anounce with specs


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