Copenhagen Kastrup Realtime event 28 of October 2007


Tjena, tänkte bara kolla så att alla vet att de är fly-in på Kastrup nu på söndag. Boka flighter och gör så kastrups banor blir heta. Hoppas vi ses där.
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Martin Loxbo:
Tack för påminnelsen Axel! Här kommer lite mer info:

Welcome to yet another Copehagen Realtime event. Once again we staff Copenhagen Kastrup to its neck and give you - the pilot - the opportunity to do it the real way - or even better.

This means arriving on time, and departing on your slot time, using a real world flight and the correct aircraft type. You'll get ATC all the way from Clearance Delivery up to one of our split center-sectors.

Last time we had almost 200 aircrafts to and from Copenhagen. This time we hope to break the 200-mark.

In order to participate you need to book a flight from the two booking pages (Arrival or departure). You can book a single flight or multiple flights and go back and forth like real pilots do. In order to book, wisit the event website;

When you book you'll receive an e-mail containing information on your flight together with some notes on operations within Copenhagen. This information can also be read at the "pilot info" page. We kindly request that you read through this as it gives you important information on how to do it as real as it gets. This not only helps you as the pilot, giving you a nice and smooth flight, it also helps the ATC managing the traffic flow.A new set of SID/STAR was introduced at 30AUG07. We have made a pack of most important charts and a PMDG-file for you.

Apart from that: Keep your chair and table in an upright position - sit back and enjoy the flight.

Martin Loxbo:
Jag kan avslöja att vi får bra bemanning även i Sverige:

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