IVAO Finland - Christmas Fly-in 2007 on 14th of December

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IVAO Finland - Christmas Fly-in 2007

It's soon again Christmas and the Finnish division of Ivao would like to welcome all pilots to participate in the IVAO Finland's Christmas event. Like last year the event takes place at the home city of Santa Claus - Rovaniemi (EFRO) in Northern Finland where a full ATC coverage is waiting for your virtual flights.

Event takes place on Friday December 14th between 18 and 23 UTC. A dedicated event website with charts, scenery and other information will be opened in the next few weeks.

Welcome to the Arctic Circle's freezing and snowy airports!


Välkommen till eventen, den störstä i Norden!

Jag kommer flyga EFRO-ESPC

Jag tar och flyger Från Sverige till EFRO.


Jag kommer flyga EFRO-ESPC

ESNZ sen länge numera.

Sjävklart ska man delta

Jojo men överallt heter det olika. På ivao ESNZ, i FS ESPC, i en ruttdatabas ESPC. Man har ingen aning om vad man ska skriva.


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