My 14 Latest Repaints (14Shots)

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Just got back into repainting this last month or two after being gone from the community for around 2-3 years.

These 14 repaints I have done over probly the last one to two months.
If you want to download any goto for more information about the locations of these repaints.

All of them are hosted at but once get some freetime will start uploading them to different flight sim sites.

12 of these are Vistaliner Models (Erick Cantu) and 2 Project Opensky (POSKY)

Great work, Peter! They all look terrific. 
Will definitely download some of the from avsim.

Very nice paints

Awesome graphics and very very very good paints!! 

thanks alot, I am now going to start to do some more different models and move a little away from the vistaliner 737's.


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