IVAO - the REAL Manchester TMA - 08/12/07


IVAO UK Staff:
The IVAO United Kingdom Division is proud to bring you:

Do you like being number three on the ILS? Taxiing on an apron which is packed full of aircraft? A frequency where the controller never finishes talking?

Then this is definitely the event for you!

This event will be held on Saturday 8th December, from 1200Z till late', and will include Manchester, East Midlands and Liverpool.You will be able to book one (or more) of over 260 flights at the three airports, or fly an unscheduled flight, and enjoy full ATC from our Virtual ACC. A total of 18 ATC positions will be staffed during the event!

The "IVAO Aviation Celebration Tours and Events Award" will be given out, check the Event Website for details! Come and enjoy the busy UK skies!

Event Details


Lucas Rothamel GB-EC
Tom Perry GB-EAC

IVAO UK Staff:
The very elite of United Kingdom ATC is ready for you, next Saturday is the big day!

So schedule your flight, see you there


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