Vatsim: Merry Christmas Event- Vaccsca


Daniel Larsen:

Christmas eve is soon approaching, so what can be better than to get in better christmas mode by joining in on a christmas event?
Together with all countries in Vaccsca, we will at the 22th of Descember arrange an event that includes many regional airports in Scandinavia.
Copenhagen will be the hub for this event, and the regional airports in Denmark, and in all countries around will not be more than a hour of flight from Copnhagen. You will then have time to enjoy your landing at small regional airports, and you will also have time to fly back, and make a landing at Copenhagen again with your small aircraft togheter with all the other heavy traffic around Copenhagen.

22th of December 2007



Copenhagen(EKCH) and other regional airports in Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Further information will be availible soon on

We in Vaccsca wish you all a merry Christmas.


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