Very strange problem at EFRO


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I have had a quite strange problem with EFRO just this afternoon...
After a 4-hour flight from Italy,when arriving to the main parking area (fingers) i found that just in the middle of the terminal and covering part of fingers there was a big hill covered of snow!!!!!
The strange thing is that after exiting to Windows and re-starting MSFS positioning the aircraft at EFRO, the snow hill wasn't there anymore and the airport was perfect!
I have installed all FISD add-ons,but Finnice.

I donīt know what causes this problem but usually restarting the sim helps. Sometimes it is also necessary to do the following:

* Remove EFRO from Scenery Library in the FS9. Just unactivate the scenery. Do not remove any files.
* Close FS9
* Start FS9
* Activate EFRO again in the Scenery library in FS9
* Close FS9
* Start FS9 and EFRO should be normal again.* Close FS9
* Start FS9

Same problem with me. Strange large hill covering all the main gates.. I just installed the Rovaniemi 4.0 scenery and thats it..
Check also the Scenery library from the simulator.. EFRO scenery should be quite top of the list.

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If I restart the sim and go as FIRST airport to EFRO it is ok,otherwise i have this problem.
However it isn't a real problem.If i use a saved situation and load it directly from "select flight" on the main FS9 window when starting it there is no problem,the airport is perfect.
When landed.. ;)Instead of using fingers i usually stop the aircraft in the middle of the apron or somewhere else...
Rovaniemi is one of best airports available for FS9 anyway!

Thanks for answers!


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