Slutet nära för IVAO-SE?

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Fick detta mail alldelles nyss:


Dear Sweden division members,
As you maybe saw, your Division HQ was fired for some bad behaviour and insults. I will not be back on this, this is not the purpose of this email and there is too much background to explain. I will just tell you that at IVAO Executive, we never take this kind of decision without a vote. And in that case, we all five agreed. They have crossed the respect limit, one of the most important rule here on IVAO.
Following this, the current SE staff took the time to have a TeamSpeak meeting last week as this was an urgent case. Your staff chose a new DIR/ADIR by vote. We, at IVAO Executive decided to follow their vote and we have appointed a new DIR.
As this was not the former SE-HQ decision, they decided to break the division and to blackmail all staff member if they continue to work on it. Their goal is to be back as division leader.
We are now facing some childish whim, they broke the website and they continue to blackmail staff member.
Daniel Holm was appointed as a new Director to continue the great work done by Mattias and Thomas in the past. Yes, they did a great work starting from zero this division but, unfortunatly, time has changed, respect was lost and not only a single time :-(
Now, if you are an staff member, you can follow you heart for the division and its members. This is the goal of IVAO, to fly and doing ATC in a friendly way and with the respect for each other.
If you are a member, continue as you did before this story, IVAO SE will take times to be back on top, but with Daniel Holm and his future staff, I'm sure they will work for IVAO and its members.
Im sorry to see this kind of problem on the Sweden division and I hope to see it back as soon as possible with a new website. Listen to your heart and enjoy as much as you can our network and his respectfull members.
Have a nice day all.
Sebastien Boutry

Vad menas med detta? Kan svenska divisionen behövas lägga ner, eller? 


SE-IVAO är nerlaggt tills ny staff e tillsatt om jag förstår de rätt .

Ja, IVAO-SE är numera nedlagt.


SE-IVAO är nerlaggt tills ny staff e tillsatt om jag förstår de rätt .

IVAO-SE är nerlagt punkt slut, ingen ny staff


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