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Press Release Q1 2008

Quality, professionalism and fun were the main values that we founded ourselves on 4 months ago, and we still stand by these today. Ever growing, ever changing, and ever becoming a virtual airline to be remembered.

When we launched on the 23rd September 2007, we envisaged an airline that could tick pretty much all of the boxes for the virtual pilot, and now 4 months down the line, we feel that we have succeeded in this. With over 13000 unique hits, over 100 pilots and over 600 filed PIREPs we are pleased with the level of interest and activity so far


In recent weeks, we have announced new routes to 4 new European destinations. These range from Dublin, Pisa, Palma de Mallorca and Lanzarote. We are expanding slowly yet progressively, growing in pace with the travel market. More destinations will be released in weeks to come, and our second set of charter schedules will soon be put into place, these charter schedules are a group of flights that are flown at certain times of the year to coincide with travel trends.

Codeshare flights will soon be initialised with our sister airlines Kazoo Australian Airlines (Melbourne, Australia), and Hindustan Airlines (New Delhi, India). This will enable our pilots even more flexibility on routes to fly, expanding our route network to Australia, Asia and India. More information on this will soon be announced.


Last year we launched our payware repaints for our fleet of aircraft and these have been very successful, any new aircraft that joins our fleet in the future will have both a payware and freeware version so our pilots are not limited to what they can fly.

As more flights are launched to new exciting destinations the current fleet of aircraft comes under increasing pressure, this pressure meaning quicker turn around on the ground and more frequent daily rotations, thus we are beginning to look at expanding our fleet, this will be announced sometime in the future.


Our website is constantly updated, implementing new pages and features for our pilots to enjoy. We recently produced our pilot’s handbook, for people just beginning their career in the virtual aviation industry or for pilots with experience in the virtual world to familiarise themselves with our rules and operational procedures.

“We listen very carefully to our pilot’s comments and suggestions and this has led to improvements to our Flight Booking system, Pilot Centre, Forums and Google Maps integration. We also have some new exciting features coming to our website which will further improve Breathe Airways’ web presence. Our automated systems will also be taken to a new level later this year with further expansion to the Pilot Centre“, CEO Simon Luckin commented.

In line with this, we have also compiled some How-To guides, a virtual aviation variant of the ‘For Dummies’ book series, of course we are not calling our pilots and visitors ‘Dummies’ but they will be easy step-by-step guides with pictures to show the pilots how to book flights, file PIREP’s, install aircraft etc.

Behind the scenes at Breathe HQ, we have also been developing our ACARS system, and our in-flight kneeboard program. Developed to provide some inflight entertainment and information whilst flying. In our flight booking system, we have now incorporated Google maps into our flight details, enabling pilots to view the route as a map. They can scroll and zoom for more detail.

In enabling our pilots the most realistic experience possible, we incorporated a download centre into our website, providing them links to freeware and payware flight simulator add-ons for scenery and aircraft etc.

Partnerships + Competitions:

We regularly get requests and proposals from other virtual airlines and organisations to join our airline or the Breathe group and I find this very flattering seen as we are only 4 months old. In the last week, we have successfully formed a partnership with scenery design group – UK2000 Scenery. Now we have officially partnered up with UK2000, we can offer our pilots discounts on their range of UK scenery software including, Gatwick, Glasgow and Bristol.

Pilots will be rewarded with a discount code after achieving milestones in forms of flying hours, and also for displaying signs of enthusiasm towards the airline. We will also offer this prize to winners of our screenshot competitions. Alongside the prizes for competitions, we have also released official Breathe Virtual merchandise, including keyrings, t-shirts, mugs and more.

CEO Simon Luckin finished by saying “After a successful start to Breathe, we are now looking forward to the future, and devising ways in which we can improve and expand. We are looking into foreign hubs, enabling a wider range of destinations and markets. Keep an eye out for future press releases in the following weeks, on some more important announcements we have.”

Thanks for reading.
Breathe Virtual Airways
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Small update to the news; pilots and visitors can now subscribe to a live news feed using RSS, so pilots / visitors anywhere can get the latest news information on Breathe Airways direct to their desktop!



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