Real Flight: Swedish ABA Douglas DC2 SE-AKE


Hello everybody,

I found that the Dutch PH-AKH was sold to Sweden's Aktiebolag Aerotransport (ABA) in december 1939.
It  received the registration SE-AKE. I cannot find pictures of this plane.
Can anybody point me to a real picture of this plane, or explain to me what the livery must have been like.

Later the plane was donated to Finland, and became hanssin jukka.

Thanks very much in advance.

Cheers, Rob Cappers


I can give you a tiny help from 1979 when DC-2 Hanssin-Jukka was some decades modified to a coffee shop at Hämeenlinna in Finland. Nowadays it is under reconstruction in Keski-Suomen Ilmailumuseo (Central Finland Aviation Museum) in the vicinity of Jyväskylä Airport (EFJY), where it was rescued.

There are conversations on FSNordic finnish discussion historical sides ( Ilmailuhistoria). Would you please use HAKU (SEARCH) with word Hanssin-Jukka, there are some pictures from DC-2 at least during period of Finland.

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rgds Juha Ritari

Thanks for you answer, and the nice pics. That's the first color pic I saw. Do you have more? Was the right wing removed?

I recently found some more info on this plane, and regarding my original question. My guess is, based on that info, that there is no ABA livery for this plane:

"The Haan was sold on January 12 1940 to ABA, after it was in storage since the end of august 1939. That day Graf C.G. von Rosen flew her as SE-AKE from Amsterdam to Malmö. ABA sold the DC-2 later in January 1940 to Graf von Rosen, who immediately donated her to Finland."

I think this was some kind of trick to get this plane from the neutral Holland to the Neutral Sweden, and then to Finland.

But still, if someone has more info, I'm really interested to get the story complete.

I had an e-mail from the museum director, where Hanssin Jukka is now, and I hope they will succeed in restoring her.

We already made a few liveries from the Hanssin Jukka plane, for our DC2 model.
See here . On the top post is the Isoo Antti, down to the bottom you can find 2 Hanssin Jukka liveries.

I will check out the rest of the forum you recommended.

Thanks again, Rob

Hi Rob,
I have a lot of information about this plane and I found this site and your questions when I was checking a tiny little detail for a book I'm writing, that the plane ended up as a coffee shop in Jyväskylä, which was obviously the case.
I have written a few book pages about this DC-2, told to me in August (2008) by Bertil Pedersen in Trollhättan (Sweden) who participated in converting the DC-2 into a bomber during the Finnish Winter War.
I could send you those pages by email but they are in Swedish and not yet approved by Bertil.
In brief:
C G von Rosen, an airline captain at KLM, volonteered as an officer of the Finnish Air Force by the end of 1939 and raised money to buy the DC-2 and two fighter aircrafts from KLM.
He flew the DC-2 to Saab (Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget) in Trollhättan where they converted the plane in 14 days in an icy cold hangar, in January 1940 . They cut it off behind the wings and prolonged it, built a machinegun tower on top and one in front, made two holes to drop heavy bombs, a hole in the toilet for fire bombs and light bombs under the wings which were released by wires from inside the plane.
von Rosen wanted to bomb Moskva with this plane but it was denied by Mannerheim who ordered him to attack a big troup of Russians on a lake in Karelen instead.
The crew of five men left, found the Russians and attacked them with bombs and machine guns but one of the engines was hit.
They turned back with only one engine in use.
On the way back, the gunman in front saw a Russian troup on its way to Finland and told von Rosen to decend so he could shoot but he replied that it was impossible with only one engine if they would be able to reach home.
Like the adventuror he was, he did it anyway, the gunman did his job and they managed to reach their airbase.

Best regards,
Berth Olofsson
Trollhättan, Sweden
Tel +46 (0)520 426160


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