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Breathe Virtual Airways Orders 5 Embraer 145 Aircraft.[/size]

Breathe Virtual Airways have today announced an order for 5 Embraer ERJ145 regional jet aircraft for domestic UK operations, and short International routes.

The aircraft will be delivered to Breathe in early April, and shall begin operating on domestic routes towards the end of the month.

The use of smaller, regional aircraft will hopefully enable us to operate a more efficient fleet, relieving Boeing 737-800 aircraft on current domestic routes, by placing out to longer routes in Europe, where capacity is required.

Regional aircraft also provide quicker turn around times, and are cheaper to run. Technologies now used by regional manufacturers in their aircraft, also benefit the environment by using emission reducing concepts.

During the meeting at Breathe HQ, London Gatwick, Simon Luckin CEO said, “expanding our fleet, operations and reliability is key, during a time where we are seeing continued interest in passengers, and the role we are playing in the aviation and travel industry. Providing a key service to our domestic business and pleasure travellers is vital, and we hope that by introducing a fleet of smaller, regional aircraft, we can achieve our set targets”.

This order for new aircraft by Breathe Airways is its first for both regional aircraft, and to Embraer. “We hope in the future to keep our ties strong to the Brazilian manufacturer, by placing orders for more regional aircraft, dependant on the current market”.

An Embraer spokesperson added “The ERJ 145 family is a symbol of innovation - the continued evolution of regional success.”

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