Hello all FS Lovers!
Here are some information about Flyscandinavia the new Virtual Airline in Scandinavia.
We open the site 15 february 2008 and so far we only got 1 pilot which is me sadly it seems that it will be so for a long time if i cant get any more pilots to fly for the company i will close the page,that i think should not be good,becuse it is very easy to join the company and i dont have any rules on how much the pilots much fly etc etc.The system i use is very easy,the pilots only send me an email with their info and then they will recive a email from the system that i use which is VAFS3 it its a automatic pilot and roster system which means that the system take care of everything for you as a pilot in the company,,you also get som salary for the work you do for the company.
Reagrding the shedule we have at the moment only to aircraft which we lease(1 B738 and 1 A321).the aircraft flyes to some cities in Scandinavia and Europe and some Charter,if we get more pilots we will offer mor Aircrafts and more destinations to you as a pilot in Flyscandinavia.

Regarding the homepage it is a easy page to navigate from but it will be better you longer we will keep it running on the internet with some help from the member can we create a better and better page.

I hope to see you in the future as a pilot in Scandinavias new Virtual

Best regards
Joakim Gustafsson


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