EuroHarmony's latest ProPilot Event starts on 30/03/08 !



EuroHarmony is very proud to present our latest historic ProPilot Event which celebrates the aviation milestones achieved by early jetliners! This Event is based on the route that SAS - Scandinavian Airline Systems - used to link Northern Europe to the far reaches of South America when they introduced their first long haul jet, the Douglas DC-8. We have a fleet of EHM-liveried DC-8's waiting in Scandinavia for pilots brave enough to join us!

The 10 stop route takes us from Stockholm in Sweden to Santiago in Chile via such beautiful destinations as Prague, Geneva, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires! SAS was an innovative European airline which had already pioneered the world's first trans-polar air service and this route cut down the journey time to South America from several days to 24 hours!

This EuroHarmony Event will re-enact those glamorous days of the sixties when air travel was a very special experience and the world was a much bigger place! This was the age when pilots still flew their planes rather than 'managing' them. Join us for this exciting challenge using our unique ProPilot system and you too can recreate the feel of the early jet age!

For more details of this event which begins on March 30th, have a look at this virtual magazine article or check for updates on the EuroHarmony Events page !!


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