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[size="3"]Breathe Airways announces Breathe X subsidiary[/size]

Today at a press conference Breathe Airways announced a new internal subsidiary airline named “Breathe X”, the new subsidiary will be based in Madrid Barajas airport, Spain and operate two Boeing 757-200 aircraft on a daily flight to New York and Toronto based on the “Openskies” agreement.

The new subsidiary airline will begin operations on 20th April 2008 using Boeing 757 equipment leased from ILFC, more aircraft may be added in the future if passenger demand is sufficient. Eventually the airline hopes to have a number of aircraft connecting the US with Europe on regular and low price flights.

The aircraft will be configured in a two class cabin layout, Business class will have 28 luxury seats that convert into a 6’ flat bed, Premium class will have a further 72 seats with a seat pitch of 46” giving the aircraft an overall capacity of 100 seats, this has been decided to give more room and comfort for all passengers despite what class they are in.

The name Breathe X was decided on as the X symbolises the cross pattern gained by aircraft “crossing” the Atlantic ocean on EU-US flights, the aircraft will be painted in a new revised “circle dream” livery and registered as Spanish aircraft with the registrations EC-BXA and EC-BXB. The aircraft will be fitted with performance enhancing winglets to reduce emissions and increase the aircraft’s range.

CEO  Simon Luckin commented briefly at the conference “This is an exciting time for the airline, we are expanding slowly into the US market and opening up new routes that brings new potential for the future, I am also confident that the excellent 757 aircraft will serve us and our passengers well in terms of comfort and style as well as value for money, and bridging the gap between the US and Europe.”


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