IVAO-FI: Helsinki Fully Staffed 26.4.2008 16-22 UTC



At the end of this month IVAO Finland is organizing event, which will take place at Helsinki-Vantaa airport (EFHK). Every ATC position from delivery to radar control is staffed with highly experienced controllers. For more realism the controllers will gather to same location, where they can handle the traffic with real environment. This event will be handled with the experienced Finnish style, so there will be loads of fun for everybody! All are wellcome!

For charts see the link: https://ais.fi/ais/eaip/html/efhk.htm

And sceneries: http://fisd.fsnordic.net/site/?page_id=3

For more information: http://en.ivao.fi/news/48/

Here are some procedures for Helsinki-Vantaa airport and please take a few moments to read them. Main thing is that you have charts onboard and and the appropriate scenery installed.

Arriving flights:

- Make sure you have the add-on scenery with the new third runway (04L / 22R), as default FS2004 scenery does not have this runway!

- Plan your flight to enter EFHK TMA from one of these points: INTOR, LAKUT, PEXEN, LEDUN, ORM. You may expect holdings over these fixes.

- Expect either radar vectoring or a STAR route for arrival. Inform the ATC if you are unable to fly the cleared STAR route.

- If you landed on rwy 15 or 33, contact EFHK_GND on 121.8 after vacating. If landed on rwy 04L or 22R, remain on TWR frequency.

- There is no need to report when parked on the apron and there is no need to request shutdown / "leave the frequency" permission.

- In case of missed approach, follow the procedure in the approach chart. Tower will advise of frequency change in such case.

- Independent parallel approaches possibly expected

Departing flights:

- Make sure you have the add-on scenery with the new third runway (04L / 22R), as default FS2004 scenery does not have this runway!

- Plan your flight to leave EFHK TMA via one of these points: ARTUR, RUNEN, ELMUT, PIVAK, ANT, MILSI, PVO/GOGLA, DOBAN.

- Contact EFHK_DEL on 118.125 MHz for departure clearance. After received the clearance, change to EFHK_GND on 121.8 MHz for startup, pushback and taxi.

- Departure clearance will include a SID route from the active runway. If you are unable to fly the SID, report it and you will be given an alternate clearance!

- Remember that initial climb altitude for all SID routes at EFHK is 4000 ft unless otherwise cleared.

- When airborne and passing 1500 ft, contact EFHK_APP on 119.1 MHz.

An important note to FSX users!

The coordinates of EFHK in FSX does not match with the real locations, the terminals, taxiways and runways aren't there where they should be. In FS2004 the coordinates are more or less correct. In online when people are using both FSX and FS2004 at the same time these misplaced twys and rwys can cause some troubles. But, there is a cure for this illness! One dedicated division member has created a patch for FSX, which puts the objects to their correct places. It is recommendable that all FSX users would install this patch before flying to Helsinki online.

You can download the patch here: http://files.fsnordic.net/?download=2203

Install this and also you will enjoy more of your simulation experience!


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