Senior Controller Cpt in Sweden 20th April



Sunday the 20th of April 18.00z - 20.00z there will be a Senior Controller checkout in
Sweden. Martin Loxbo will cover Sweden Control (ESOS_CTR).

There will be excellent additional ATC coverage at the larger airports in Sweden for

    * Stockholm-Arlanda (ESSA)
    * Goteborg-Landvetter (ESGG)
    * Malmoe-Sturup (ESMS)

as well as neighbouring major airports

    * Copenhagen (EKCH)
    * Oslo-Gardemoen (ENGM)

All are warmly invited to make a flight or two to give Martin a challenge when
he is up for his Senior Controller practicle test!

A lot of traffic is needed. Why not make some short domestic flights in Sweden
or if you prefer make some flights between the larger airports ESSA, ESGG, ESMS,
ENGM or EKCH to give Martin all the traffic (and hopefully more) that he need smile.gif

Hope to see You in the skies of Scandinavia Sunday 20th of April 18-20z.



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