Using Bill Grabowski's ERJ panel with other twin jets


First, congrats to Bill Grabowski for a superb panel for the ERJ.  In fact, it's so good that I want to use it with other twin jet aircraft, and therein lies a couple of problems.  Bill, is there any way you can add a "blank" to the aircraft names that display on the glareshield (ie "ERJ145" Legacy" etc?)  Also I tried out the panel with the Jet City Boeing 717.  All great until touchdown, when airstairs, tankers etc appeared rushing alongside the aircraft!   This would appear to be due to a "wing fold" function that happens on touchdown when using the panel.  A lot of aircraft now use the Wingfold or Tailhook functions for various animations, so they are "ruled out" of having Bill's great panel being used.  But again, Bill, many thanks for all your work on this project.  Regards, Robin


The automatic wingfold was put in for use with Nick Botamer's ERJ's (the original Project ERJ) to deploy the ground spoilers on touchdown. It's interesting that he used the wingfold function in his Jet City 717, DC-9's, and MD-80's to deploy the ground vehicles. I cannot remember whether I left that function in when I made a version of the panel for Charles Fox's FDE's, but probably so. Unfortunately, the wingfold cannot be removed short of a recompile and re-release. The good news is that the ground spoilers retract at less than 30 knots, which doesn't do much good if you like to use instant replay to watch the landings of the 717s.



Thanks for the reply Bill.  Still, I can use it wherever possible as it is a superb panel. Thanks again.....Robin


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