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Hello everyone, and thank you for allowing me onto your forums. I wish to share with you a project that I have been working on for a few months now. Having created an AI Hawk T1 for RAF use, I proceeded to make the export versions of the Hawk, and this started with the Finnish Air Force Hawk 51.

The first Hawk package will be released by Military AI Works (MAIW) shortly below are a couple of sneak peeks.

Following on from this I developed AI for the Air Support Squadron based at EFJY, and created my own AI Vinka to go with this. THis package is still in development but is not far from being released.

Hope you like it. Any comments and questions I would be willing to answer. Please visit the forums at Military AI Works, for more info on all our packages.


Hi Nick and a warm welcome to FSNordic forums - nice to meet new people! Nice shots, and it looks like a very nice package. Keep up the great work Nick!

Does the pack include the new EADS CASA CN-295?

Yeah, I second that! The package looks nice but an AI CASA would be really nice!


You mean this C-295M?

OK the model itself is a CN-235 but it is very close. And all that is available Im afraid.



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