A new VA in the middle of Sweden!

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Hello there.
Me and my friend have started a new Virtual Airline with the name Erikssons Air.
Is it based in Borlange, Sweden. (ESSD)
We're flying at most to national destinations but there's a few in Europe.
We hope you want to fly with us and start to earn some cash for this small airline!
Please Visit http://www.erikssonsair.110mb.com or http://www.erikssonsair.tk for more info!

Hello Johan! You just send me a private message about your virtual airline with your homepage adress http://www.erikssonsair.tk/ ! I have problems to view it. It is very very slow and when you finally can choose language, there comes a message "Internet Explorer Can Not Show This Page". Have you any problems viewing the page?


Hello, it's me again! I have problems to see also other sites "dot TK" so probably there is no special problem only with your homepage. Can someone please let me know if you can view the page www.erikssonsair.tk , or is it something wrong with my computer?

Best Regards
Rasmus Westerberg

Try to view it through http://www.erikssonsair.110mb.com/ instead

Hello! Thank you, i have no problems viewing that page. The site looks very professional and very nice! So good luck with your virtual airline also in the future, i like the idea with the name ErikssonsAir!



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