[IVAO] Europe Hubs Event


IVAO UK Staff:

The Netherlands, German, French and of course United Kindom divisions of IVAO are proud to bring you one of the biggest shuttle events in Europe, ever held on IVAO! On the 10th and/or 18th of May from 1700z, fly between four of Europe's leading hubs; airports which everyday transport passengers to almost every place on the globe - Heathrow, Frankfurt, Paris CDG and Amsterdam.

Complete a whole circuit by flying to all four airports in one day and you'll be rewarded with one point towards the Pilot Award. If you do two circuits, one on each date, you'll get two points!

Real routings have been provided as well as scenery and charts for all airports.

Event Webpage    Routings    Sceneries and Charts

See you there!

Tom Perry GB-EAC
Ross McLennan GB-EAC

IVAO UK Staff:
The first day of this event is in 3 days! Hope to see you there


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