Discover the midnight sun on the top of the world.



Discover the midnight sun on the top of the world.
The top of Europe!

Saturday the 21st of june 19-23 UTC

We are very pleased to invite you to this special event in northern Norway and Sweden.
You can expect professional and friendly ATC on the centre positions and in at least these airports:

ENTO – Tromsoe
ENAT – Alta
ESNQ – Kiruna
ENKR – Kirkenes
ENNA – Lakselv
ENHF – Hammerfest

For more information about the difference airports please visit the airport pages.

Discovering the midnight sun is an amazing experience, and the hilly terrain in northern Norway and Sweden gives the perfect atmosphere.

All the airports are situated in a very beautiful terrain and not more than an hour’s flight ahead.

This event gives perfect possibilities for IFR as well as VFR flights on the top of the world.

Please check out the Pilot info and Airports pages.

We are looking forward to see you in the vicinity of the Norwegian and Swedish skies.

Event page:

Best regards
VACC Scandinavia’s ATC-team.

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact our event coordinator ( ) or stop by our forum ( )


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