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Hello! I am interessted in starting Sterling virtual airlines. Since this isnīt a job for one man i gonna need some help. So if you are interessted you are welcome to join me. What i am searching for is someone that can design websites since i am no good at this. I am prepared to update the fleet schedules and destinations. Then i can organise ranks and so on. So if you got something that you can contribute with please say so.

My plan is to make it as realistic as possible.

Offcourse i have to get perrmison from as well.

Hello Fabio!

What a nice idea! Of course, I can help you out with the website. No problem!


So what we have to do is to request permission from Sterling. How do we do that? do we wright them an email and send it to there headquarters?

Well, thatīs the most common thing to do. But, Dont be very positive, itīs not easy to get a clerance to start a new VA. I have talked with the communication director of Scandinavian Airlines, and he was not very positive to the idea to start a new "SAS VA". But, sterling may be more happy about it. Just letīs go and ask them, itīs the easiest thing 

Okay but if they donīt give ous the clearenc i was thinking of starting Flyme virtual instead. Since they donīt exist anymore there is no clearance to get right?


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