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I am not sure if this is the correct place to post or not but it is web related. I have a wi-fi laptop on the internet and I am wondering (I have WPA encryption enabled btw) on a Vista Home Premium laptop. I am wondering if it is possible for my wifi to conflict with my neighbors wifi system? If so, would my webpage I am visiting appear on his screen? There is nothing  or  that I am downloading or seeing but it is the principle as I don't want him to see that I've been to Amazon to buy a weather meter or that I use youtube for the purposes of watching women doing the can can  . Especially the can can thing  !

I am wondering what symptoms I would get if such a thing did happen? WOuld I see his webpage on my browser as well as him seeing mine?

Thanking you.


If you are using an encrypted connection, this will not happen. In no case will the website you visit just appear on your neighbour's screen. Your neighbour can read your packages if the network is unencrypted or if s/he knows your network password (WPA), which should not happen in this case. Even if it did, it would not be automatic in any way, it requires some technical knowledge and special software (freely available, though). Most wireless cards can't even capture packets designated to others.

As long as you encrypt your network, you're fine. It might also be a good idea to change the encryption key periodically, since it is possible to guess the key when enough encrypted data is captured.


He does have good computer knowledge but I don't think he's the hacker type. I'm glad that my pages won't suddenly appear on his screen. He won't be able to guess my network password. I was more concerned about an accidental appearance of the Follies Begere on his screen, perhaps leading to the wife asking a few questions 

He has WEP encryption on his wireless network, so he probably wouldn't be able to read WPA-PSK data as it's like really secure (well, better than WEP anyway apparently). It's also "non broadcast" which I think means that it doesn't wave a flag around yelling "Cooee! I'm here!  " I think. Is this all correct?

Anyway thanks once again 


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