August News Update @ Breathe



Breathe Airways Press Release August

In just under one month, celebrations will begin for Breathe Virtual Airways’ one year birthday.

A time for celebration from both the management and the many pilots of the airline, in what has been an amazing year for the airline. The expansion possibilities that have hit the airline, such as regional operations with a new aircraft family – Embraer 145, and the soon to come Boeing 777-200ER for long haul expansion.

The airline has also recently launched its new In-flight Entertainment System – named Breathe Live!, offering pilots and passengers some fun entertainment, ranging from blockbuster films, TV shows, and live radio all available from the kneeboard.

Breathe Airways now has almost 300 active pilots, flying the aircraft, and the routes that were designed for an ultimate Breathe Experience.

In celebrating the one year birthday, Breathe will be launching a brand new website that will feature improved information pages for fleet, flights and pilots, an overall better look and feel, and small features that will hopefully improve pilot experience such as a weather centre, easy to use PIREP system, and a comprehensive download system for flight simulator add-ons.

At one year old, Breathe Airways is still looking to hit the VA market, like no other virtual airline. In the coming year, Breathe hopes that the introduction of its new long haul aircraft will expand the possibilities for passengers and pilots, and that the community of enthusiasts who have joined together to call Breathe their home, will continue to expand.

Breathe will be featuring at a real world event at Bristol International Airport, on September 28th  2008, by taking place in the aviation enthusiasts fair. The event is the second occurrence for Breathe Airways, and it hopes that the interests will be just as great as the previous event.


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