Help needed-Virtual Airline Network



We started as a trio,but lost a man to heaven's gate.
Now we seek people that are interested in participating in building a VA.
We started the idea as Pan Am Virtual,but have now moved on to a virtual organisation
as a base making it possible to fly many airlines within the walls of the organisation.
So people with skills of any kind is welcome to show their interest and maybe join the team.
We are building this vitual organisation around a dynamic site and an idea of an interactive
community and participation for the future members. Not just a VA that you just pirep some hours
to have your name at the roster as Senior Captain.
Startup is on an estimate only for the moment,around spring 2009.

So, are you sociable? Enthuisiastic? Skilled in an area?
Just write me a pm or mail,and I'll get back to you. 


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