VATSIM: Gardemoen Fly-in Sunday 14th of September 18.00z-20.00z, Controller CPT



Gardermoen Fly-in - C1 CPT for Magnus Meese

Oslo Airport is situated 50km north of Oslo city, at the head of
the Oslofjord, Southeast in Norway, north of Skagerak and close to
Sweden. There are two parallel runways (01L/19R and 01R/19L). All
runways are CAT3A certified to ensure bad visibility operation.

Sunday 14th of September 18.00z - 20.00z is inbound or outbound ENGM
the place to fly. Magnus Meese will have his Controller Practical Test (CPT).
Trond Meier is going to examine every move Meese takes.

Surely, the Gardermoen Airport has capacity for a lot of traffic, but
will Magnus be able to handle the pressure?

Welcome and fly Gardermoen (ENGM) and help a controller get his rating!

If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to contact:
Mikkel Lindgren, Event Coordinator (,
Morten Jelle, Assistant Event Coordinator (

You are also of course very welcome and visit our forum


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