"Nyt kutsuu mua Kuusamo" - "Kuusamo calling" feat. PMDG MD-11

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Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I've last posted anything on this forum. But I thought now is a good time to come back and introduce you all a new friend of mine. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the preflight and takeoff phases, since I was just going to make a normal test run, but during cilmb I decided to snap some screenies for you to watch too. So let's cut to the chase.

Finnair Old Colors OH-LGA

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome aboard this Finnair MD-11 aircraft. We are just about to reach FL370, which is our cruise altitude..."

Everything seems to be in order, all systems AUTO and lights out (with the exception of logolight switch and the MOVIE light on PA-system)

Time to plan the approach.

During cruise it's nice to strech your legs a bit.

First Officer's view.

"Finnair 11, descend to FL100"

It's nice to fly with a simulator, you can carry all the excess fuel you want!

It's getting darker as we fly over Kajaani.

"Finnair 11 leaving FL380 down to FL100"

What's this? Is the plane saying we don't have enough DRAG artists on board (hint. look at the left side of the NAV display)?

Next up, DME ARC.

Some weird procedures here...

Banking over Kuusamo

"Flaps 15 selected."

Last turn to the finals (we're not in American Idols, though).

Nicely established on the ILS.

"EAD Green Box - Checked"

Bithchin' Betty shouting at Otto the Autopilot.


Reverse thrust!

Nyt tarvitaan APUa - Time for the helping hand of the APU

Backtrack to apron.

Let's see if that APU connects with our BUS.

Short turnaround at EFKS. Time for the First Officer to do all the work as the Captain is outside having a cigarette.

Here you go. I'll get back to you some other time to actually tell you how the plane feels. Or actually, I could do it right away: it feels GREAT. Hope you enjoyed.

PS. Sorry about the small size of the pictures. I resized them to keep things reasonable, but it seems I could've kept the pictures in original size. Better luck next time.

Looks great!

any realse date?

Thank you for the great shots Anssi!

The panel and virtual cockpit both look really good.

Btw, in 2006 I flew on MD-11 from Singapore to Helsinki, and on the Bangkok-Helsinki leg there was captain Lisko in command Perhaps you know him? It was a very smooth flight. In fact now I remember it was on the night when Finland won Eurovision and in the morning they announced that in the cabin  A good demonstration how ACARS works I guess

It was Anssi's dad at the controls then.

He is retired now, though.


Looks great, but my god the VC textures are horrid.


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