Panels Goes Blank


when I am sitting at the gate with the engins off and the APU on and going thru all my settings after a few minuates all of my panel lights goes out. I have to go into failures and uncheck the electrical and restart the FS2004 again. If I set there lone enough it will do it again. It wont do it however with the engines running. Is this a bug or am i missing something here? Also when I landed at IAH last night i cut the AP off before landing and when I did land it would not go into auto reverse. The speed would not come down below 140K where i had it set for my target speed to land. The throttles would not move either.


As listed in the FAQ topic above this, the answer is ... (envelope please)

The cockpit goes black after several minutes.
Go to the fsuipc.dll menu and check the box for the Flat Battery Option. For the latest releases of fsuipc.dll, however, a registered version is required to get this option to function.



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