TOPCAT - Take-Off and Landing Performance Calculation Tool

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I would like to introduce you to a tool called TOPCAT - Take-off and Landing Performance Calculation Tool.

TOPCAT will provide you, the captain, with Load Sheets, Take-off and Landing Performance Reports including all relevant speeds (V1, VR, V2), de-rated and assumed temperatures and stop margins.

It is compatible with FSX, FS2004, and also with PMDG, LDS, Wilco feelthere.

Currently available Aircraft Types (more to come):
Airbus 320-214 (GE)
Boeing 747-400 (GE, RR, PW)
Boeing 747-400F (GE, RR, PW)
Boeing 767-300 (GE, RR, PW)
Boeing 767-300ER (GE, RR, PW)
Boeing 767-300F (GE, RR, PW)

TOPCAT Features:

- Microsoft®Windows® application made by professional airline pilots
- Easy-to-use, user-friendly interface resembling real-life software
- Worldwide database with close to 10,000 airports and 28,000 runways
- Including obstacle data and engine-out procedures (EOSIDs)
- Take-off and landing data for abnormal configuration (e.g. engine out, flapless landing, inoperative thrust reversers, etc.)
- Ready-to-print and ready-to-save loadsheet, take-off and landing reports
- Build your own Individual Runway Tables (IRTs) for your favourite airports
- Save Weight & Balance data directly into LDS767, PMDG747 (FS2004 and FSX) and Wilco feehthere (A320)
- ActiveSky weather support (FS2004 and FSX)
- A wide variety of units: kilograms (kg), pounds (lb), meter (m), feet (ft), hPa (hecto pascal), inHg (Inches of mercury) for your personal needs
- Editor to add or modify runways and airports

Best regards,

Is a version for the MD-11 being planned?

Or the 737?

737 and /or738 is coming according to the website. 

We tried to get the performance datas of the MD-11, but unfortunately Boeing didn´t want to help us, and PMDG just can't give away these data.

So, if there is someone, who has any access to MD-11 datas, we would be very glad.

Of course we would like to expand the aircraft list in near future, so if you are interested in a specific aircraft - and you have some performance datas, it would accelerate the process.

happy landings!


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