VATSIM: Copenhagen Realtime Sunday 26th of Oct 15-21z



Copenhagen RealTime October 2008

We are delighted to welcome you to yet another RealTime event at Copenhagen.
The event will take place on October 26th 15z-21z

Link to Event information and booking site

What makes this event special?
On this evening we try to simulate a normal Sunday evening at Copenhagen.
This means pilots flying the exact flights that you find in real life, and (hopefully) 
arriving on time.  In order to keep track of the traffic-flow you as the pilot must
book your flight prior to the event from our event-page. You can book more than
one flight, so why not book the return flight while you are at it. Total there
are more than 400 flights to choose from! All flight-information is based on up-to-date
real-world material. When booking you will get an arrival or departure time (a slot time
so you need to make it on time. Otherwise you will be put back in the queue :-)

Copenhagen + 4 regional airports
This time we have added 4 additional regional airports to the booking system.     
All are located about half an hour from Copenhagen giving you the option to fly short
and hectic flights. The four airports are Billund (EKBI), Århus (EKAH),
Aalborg (EKYT) and Bornholm (EKRN) and they are all included in the
bookignsystem. If you have a request for a special flight or an unscheuled flight
let us know! We are very open towards flight requests.

Traffic the Danish way!
Have you ever visited Copenhagen Airport on one of your flights? If so, you will 
be familiar with the tight layout of the airport allowing a very efficient flow of traffic
in and out. If you haven't, it's about time! No long taxi routes -  you will get your
passengers to or from the gate fast and efficiently. For you  as a pilot it means
that you better be well-prepared when you push, as the taxi  time can be very short,
even under heavy traffic loads.

We have more than 10 controllers online to guide you to and from Copenhagen. ATC 
the Danish way is efficient and focused on getting you safe and fast to your destination. 
As a main hub in Scandinavia certain hours experience many arrivals and others 
many departures. However we normally execute this traffic without any holdings!

Last years statistics
If you want to know what you can expect, and what we hope to exceed, we have
had  an average of just around 200 flights at most of the latest events
(We host this  event 2 times a year). In the busy periods we kept a steady flow of
20-25 arrivals  per hour (one every 2:30-3:00 minutes) This throughput was achieved
without the  need to use the inbound holds available! We hope YOU will help
us exceed  these levels this year.

For more information
Event page: VACCSCA

Hope to see you in the Danish airspace on the 26th. :-)

The Danish ATC team


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