Cross The Pond Eastbound 2008(updated)

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Here is a "little" report from Cross The Pond Eastbound 08 seen from my eyes.
Text ABOVE the pictures. Enjoy,or not.   

Booking details for my flight

Todays flightplan in Vroute format. Very handy sheet to use online.
All honor to Michal Rok for this allround versataile application!

A little preview from ground JFK. Not yet logged online.
Prepared for boarding,courtesy of AES.
I am at World Port gate 6,which is terminal 3,where Delta's hang out and former home of
the historic Pan Am, Clippers.

Early preflight preperations going on.

Some fuel calculations by Vroute and a look a my given SID,BETTE3 ACK trans.

More calculations to confirm numbers given in Vroute.
I have 410 pax = 73.800lbs on this mornings flight.
390 of them with bags checked in + a little cargo totalling 138.300
I added 88lbs because OEW is 394.088 not 394.000.

Now we really are getting serviced at ground.

Looking at my NAT which was Oscar. Entry point at YQX,gander ending with the exit point at the
other end of the "tunnel",DOGAL setting me up to pass overhead Shannon Intl.(SHA) and later GIBSO for a WILLO2D Arrival into LGW.

From ground point of view.



Doors closed,signs on. Pushing back,left and right clear. Engine start is approved.

Pusback complete,set parking brake. Wait for release with the pin on the right hand side.

I come prepared for ground and departure operations. LGW ready beneath.

A lot of clearences to deliver out of JFK this morning as you can see!

Taxiing on Alpha past a Speedbird for 13R takeoff. Suprisingly swift ground operations at JFK

Cockpit view taxiing behind a Delta

Doing an imediate taxi into position and hold 13R

I did a shot of route done by Vataware in google mode to compare accuracy.
Red line shows what Vataware records from Vatsim in google view,white is actual taxi I did at JFK.


So long JFK

Heading north on departure before turning south DCT BETTE.

Finally past BETTE and heading out sea to Nantucket(ACK)

The departure madness is in session!

I'm in Moncton airspace. A little confused controller not on top of things.
Adressing "all pilots west should be with xxx.xx and all pilots east should be with xxx.xx.
I never got a handoff ,but hey,I can live with that. 

part 3 and 4 later today.

Ser fram emot resten

nice shots! Scenery?`And is that PMDG?

Snyggt! Ska bli kul att se resten!


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