How did you learn to fly?



I just bought fs 2004 and I'm really keen on start flying the big jets, but it seems to be very hard. I just want to know how you guys started..Did you go through the flying lessons all from the beginning or did you jump to how to fly a boeing 737? Or did you take any flying lessons at all? Because I can fly a bit, but I dont know what all the buttons mean or when to use rudder yaws..

I really need some help with this game because I love flyinng and I'd really like to learn!



Welcome to the wonderful world of Flight-simming!

Personally, the first plane i flew in FS was the Boeing 747. I flew like a maniac, and overstressed the engines all the time.
Instead of landing on the runway, I always landed on the grass beside the asphalt. I would recommend  that you start in a little Cessna, learn how to control the engine, how to do a nice takeoff and a smooth landing, learn how to handle the radio, learn the traffic-pattern etc. When you can control the Cessna, move up to the Beech Baron or the King Air, and try flying with two engines instead of one. Then, you can move up to the B737 for example. Flying virtually isnīt really that hard, and I think you will learn fast. Read a lot at this and other forums, it is a very good way to "get in" to the flight-sim-world and you can get a lot of tips and tricks.

All the best!

Tord Hoppe:
I agree with Chriss. Do follow the lessons, they are a good way to learn how to handle aircraft. Also ask questions and read the different forums that we have. Once you get the hang of things Iīd perhaps suggest that you either download or buy a nice aircraft. There are developers out there that produce aircraft that handle better than the default ones. But do not rush there! Learn to handle default aircraft first!

Here are some things that helped me alot :

I think the best way is to start with simple propeller planes. Learn how to make clean turns (involves the rudder) and read all the gauges. Try to keep the plane in total control. Simple sounding things like level flight at a set speed might give you trouble at first. Learn how to trim your plane. I recommend that you keep elevator trim at some sort of a rotary axis. It's almost as important as throttle.

There are alot of things, but I'd start with those.


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