out kicked on FSNS-DF-Server???

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        Hi im just wounder  
      ihave a problem,
      when i join the server on Hyper Lobby  on lL2 . FSNS-DF-SERVER
      I get in to the game .  with no problems
      i can get to the blue and red side,and a aircraft`s.
      But when im in the game for about 2 sec. i get aout kicked .
      Best Regards

Do not use so much emoticons, please.  It's very hard to read your text...

      Hi im just wounder   
      when i join the server on Hyper Lobby  on lL2 .
     when im in the game for about 2 sec. i get aout kicked ?    ? why.

     Been flying there before  with no problemos!!!!
     Best Regards 

      Okej no it´s working 
      Ithink i have discover !
      all the times i whas aout kicked from the host ,
      it whas early morning or late evening . idont know , but say around 19:30 -22:00 time.


Kick may also come from that you have taken a plane that is not allowed. Meaning that there are for example 10 bf 109's on blue side for a mission and someone has destroyed all of them allready or they are in use. That means you cannot use 109 anymore.

When you have chosen a plane and hit FLY button look at the message screen, it should tell you something like "you are not allowed to use this plane!". If this happens then hit refly and choose another plane.



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