FS2004 rwy navaid update scenery EFIN?


Hi all,

Which scenery package is the best for Finland/FS2004 when I only need navaids ILS/DME etc. to be updated. Is there any? In the downloads section there are over 80 files.. I'm only looking for correct navigational data, not necessarily best scenery visually.


Tommi A

Hello, Tommi. You can also post to the Finnish site, simulaattorikeskustelu / Voit myös kirjoitella suomenkieliselle puolelle, simulaattorikeskusteluun.

Many of the airport sceneries itself have new AFCADs which update the navaids for current airport. However there is also GPS-waypoint-update which has also some other navaid updates in it, it's this one: http://files.fsnordic.net/?download=2061, update: http://files2.fsnordic.net/files/zip/Misc/FIN_ROUTEPOINTS_FIX_1.zip. Here's also little GPS-RNAV-waypoints update: http://files.fsnordic.net/?download=2066.

You can also try to download FinnAFCADs, it has some updates in it, but it's kind of old already at the moment.

EFXX-package updates some airports without proper sceneries, it has approach lights and other little enchancements, and if I remember correctly also navaid updates for the aerodrome.

All of the ILS's are build in in the airports AFCAD-file, which usually comes with the scenery. So, if you download the latest scenery for the airport you should have all of the frequencies and courses correctly.


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