Breathe Airways Acquires Indian Airline



As previously announced Breathe Group that owns Breathe Airways has officially taken over Hindustan Airlines of India.
The airline was setup by Harsh Raghuvir in the autumn of 2006 but due to real world commitments the airline was never
launched. During a meeting between himself and the CEO of Breathe Airways the airline was taken over ready to be launched as previously planned but with some updates and new additions. The airlines motto is Professionalism, Pride and Culture and we hope to carry that on and ensure it is reflected in the airline.
Hindustan Airlines main hubs are spread across India to give more coverage and choice of destinations. The main hubs are based at New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai serving destinations across India. Further long haul destinations are planned for the Far East, Middle East and Western Europe, at the time of this press release we can confirm some of these destinations to be Thailand, Indonesia, Bali, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and United Kingdom.

The fleet comprises of 4 Airbus 321-200 aircraft powered by IAE V2500 engines meaning further range and payload
compared to the A321-100 versions. These will be used on cross country and medium range flights. Also in the
fleet are 3 Airbus A330-300’s powered by General Electric engines. These aircraft will be used for medium to long
haul range flights now and into the future.

We are currently working on a fully PHP/MySQL automated website that will be launched along with the airline. We
have purchased a new domain and have setup a holding page and forums entitled “The
Saffron Club”. News, information will be posted here as and when they arise. The website will be closely tied into Breathe Airways to enable a seamless link between both airlines as well as enabling pilots from both to fly more choice.
Hindustan is part of the Breathe Group and will integrate and work closely with other airlines in the group, meaning
pilots will have more choice of destinations and routes without flying long haul all the time as with some virtual

The first Airbuses to Breathe Group? Or will they be replaced by Boeings?


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