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I got this game a few months ago, and I've learned pretty good how to fly and land, but I`d really need some help from experts.
I would really like to know how to fly from take off to leveling off at cruising altitude step by step in this following case:

I`m starting from EFHK (Helsinki, Finalnd) and I`m going to Paris, with an IFR flight plan, and I fly a airbus a320.

Now I`d like to know every step that an expert pilot would do tongue.gif. When to switch to autopilot and when to switch the heading between the waypoints.
I also have problems with keeping the plane at the GPS track even though I have the right heading sad.gif

I know this is alot to ask but please


Hello Zacharias,

How nice that you have started to fly! Welcome to the club
There is things you can do to improve your flying. Watch videos with full flights is one example. ITVV Virgin Atlantic B744 is one good example about how they deal with procedures, communications, autopilots etc etc. In this videos, the pilots are often showing the systems in the aircraft and explains how everything works. You can go to this webpage:

Another thing is that you can start to fly online, on VATSIM or IVAO. I can promise you that if you is patient enough, you will learn a lot.
Everything about flying is not easy in the beginning.

Feel free to ask if you would like to, and remember, just keep the smile up and continue flying!

Mikael Gerner

Yeah, you could also take the flying lessons available in fs, they teach you the basics of flying, and also how to navigate and also some methods that are used specifically by real airliner pilots, like how to plan your descent and other basic stuff. It's a great way to learn the basics, even though there's a lot of sections that are not covered, like FMS useage, but there are some tutorials about this on the web.


looks like you are a german pilot(if i am correct) and i can also speak german.  I could teach you how to fly the airbus 320 easliy as i am doing a training on it at the moment at lufthansa trainico in schönefeld.

if you want to do that, contact me via email.


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