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First of all thanks for the fantastic Oulu scenery! Truly amazing!

I noticed a problem today when,after landing,i was taxiing to the apron and the asphalt on the taxiway, and, on the apron as well, seemed to disappear just before the airplane taxied on it,leaving the place to the snow.
I noticed the problem also on the apron when changing aircraft view.
In some of them the asphalt was depitched correctly (views from the top looking downwards) in some others (side and rear views) it was replaced by snow.

Thank you!


I noticed a problem today when,after landing...

Which sim? FS2004 or FSX?

Did you remember to install Oulu photoscenery as well?

Like this?

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I have installed all FISD scen. except forestration and finnice.

Yes!Exactly!Like that!

What is your terrain_max_vertex_level set at in FS9.cfg? I'm assuming FS9 is the sim in question... I found with some older FISD scenery that setting the level to 20 or 21 instead of the default 19 caused these type of layering problems...



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