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Breathe Airways Headquarters

After 18 months of very successful operations unfortunatly the sad news has come that Breathe Airways will be ceasing all operations on Sunday 11th January 2009. Consultation talks are in progress regarding our fleet of aircraft that are wholly owned by Breathe Airways.
The decision has come about and been decided on over many weeks, this is not a knee jerk reaction and one i have been thinking about for some time, i have been in the virtual airline world for about 6/7 years now and have had enough, i feel it is now time to move on with new real world projects which are alot more important.

The virtual airline world has changed immensely and soemtimes not for the better! There is no more that i can possibly do with the VA that other VAs havent already done, plus the want for constant new aircraft, flights and new website features and changing things like the PIREP systems isnt an easy task but one that is asked all the time and expected to be completed.

I would like to add that any pilots who want to continue their virtual career can do so by transferring hours to another VA like FlyUK.
I would like to thank everyone for their comments, support and memberships over the past years and wish everyone the best of luck for the future.
Also please dont PM wanting the website, to take over the airline or anything similar as refusal may offend!

It'sad that this happend! I thought that you was one of the strongest va's in the world.
And what will happen with the g1 alliance?

Ill have to agree with Joakim, its sad, especially since Breathe is one of the leading VAs in UK and Europe.
I wish you good luck with whatever youre next project will be.

My apollogies, I've only recently noticed this forum post. Breathe Airways has not closed, we remain open under a new CEO appointed by Simon.

Sorry for any confusion, as always we are recruiting pilots, please visit our site at If you are interested.


Callum Pearce,
Human Resources Manager,
Breathe Airways.

Sad to se a Virtual Airline closure.


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