[Sö 11e Jan 19-21z] Kastrup (EKCH) Fly-in C1 CPT Mikkel Lindgren



Copenhagen Airport is located on the Island of “Amager” about 8km
south east of Copenhagen city centre. Copenhagen Airport has
3 runways and capacity of up to 83 operations (departures and arrivals)
every hour.

Most of the departures and arrivals go over water (95%). However, if you
are lucky you will have a nice view of the Copenhagen area and
Öresunds Bridge during your approach.

Copenhagen Airport will be the place for Mikkel Lindgren C1 CPT (Controller Practical Test)
Sunday the 11th of January 19.00z - 21.00z.

Surely, the Copenhagen Airport has capacity for a lot of traffic, but will Mikkel.
be able to handle the pressure?

You are very welcome and fly Copenhagen (EKCH) and help a controller earn his rating!
Håkan Schulz
Training Director


Tomorrow evening Sunday 11th 19-21z is the evening to fly Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH) and
help Mikkel earn his new rating.



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