IVAO-FI, DK, NO, SE: Scandinavian Real Life Event January 31st 2009, 1200-2100z



Scandinavian countries have combined their strenghts for something that IVAO have never seen before! On January 31st the Nordic capitals will host four simultaneous Real Life Events! Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki are to be fully staffed during the multi-hour event.
This event is achievement of Nordic co-operation and is a true milestone in the history of Nordic divisions, as well as in whole IVAO’s history. This will be the largest event held on IVAO network after the Crowded Skies –event.
Several  hundreds of flights will be available for all airports, many of them are shuttle flights between these four cities. A full ATC coverage is waiting in the Nordic countries!

Welcome to this truly magnificent event! Be a part of history!

A web page is available at: http://rle.ivao.fi/ Flight booking system will be available soon.

Kind regards

Mikael Tynkkynen
Event Coordinator IVAO-FI

Flight booking is now open! Go and book your flights!

Reminder! The event is on next saturday!

Still many flights are available for you to be booked. We suggest you to fly shuttleflights between participating cities, that way you will have the best ATC coverage for whole flight!

Here are some examples:

Departing from Helsinki:
BLF651   RJ85   10:50   12:30   EKCH - Copenhagen - Kastrup
BLF443   RJ85   12:00   13:00   ESSA - Stockholm - Arlanda
FIN645S   A319   14:50   15:50   ESSA - Stockholm - Arlanda
BLF427   RJ85   16:00   17:00   ESSA - Stockholm - Arlanda

Arriving to Helsinki:
FIN666K   A319   13:05   11:30   EKCH - Copenhagen - Kastrup
FIN676   E190   13:20   11:55   ESGG - Göteborg - Landvetter
BLF508   RJ85   13:35   12:10   ENGM - Oslo Gardermoen
FIN642   A319   14:10   13:10   ESSA - Stockholm - Arlanda
BLF652   RJ85   15:35   13:55   EKCH - Copenhagen - Kastrup
FIN678G   E190   17:25   16:05   ESGG - Göteborg - Landvetter

Also many domestical flights are available for those who prefer short transitions. These and many more flights can be found at: http://rle.ivao.fi/flightbooking/

Reminder, event is held tomorrow.   


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