GÖTEBORG OVERLOAD 2009, 22 Feb. 17-22Z

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Welcome to GÖTEBORG OVERLOAD 2009!

VACCSCA warmly invites You to join a special Overload Event at
the second largest airport in Sweden. Göteborg-Landvetter (ESGG)
will be fully staffed including ground, tower, final, approach east and
west as well as center to provide the best possible service!

There is one runway at Landvetter and especially during this time of
the year the conditions could be really challenging with strong winds,
heavy snow and possibly limited visibility, since the airport is located
at the west coast of Sweden. Come and enjoy practicing Your skills
as pilot!

Despite the potential though weather conditions expect to meet a warm
and busy atmosphere with friendly professional controllers and a lot of
fellow pilots joining in at Göteborg-Landvetter (ESGG) at the evening
22th of February!

Why not fly a real life domestic, international or cargo flight for
Scandinavian, Lufthansa or KLM? Take a flight from one of the more
common destinations like Copenhagen, Arlanda or Gardemoen or a more
special City Airline flight to/from for example Tallin, Birmingham or Luleå?

For pilot information regarding Göteborg-Landvetter, please,
have a look at:


Crucial information for pilots! 


You can expect heavy traffic load in the vicinity of Göteborg and there
might be enroute as well as TMA holdings.

Please, prepare well and:
* study the charts under the pilot information link
* fly an aircraft you are familiar with
* program the published holdings in the FMC, if you don't need them
during the approach they could easily be deleted

There might be many pilots on the frequency. Please, listen carefully
to ATC instructions and make an effort to readback promtly and carry
out the action swiftly and correctly. This will make sure all pilots
gets smooth flights to and from Göteborg.

Mark the 22nd of February 17.00z - 22.00z in your calender and
fly Göteborg Overload the 2009 edition! Welcome!

Magnus Gustafsson

This is a reminder, that the sky will be crowded over Göteborg 22:nd of February, bee there!

Remember to update your AIRAC due to new SID/STAR at Göteborg, or report "UNABLE RNAV SID/STAR"




Utmärkt bemanning på ESGG på onsdag kväll, 18-20Z, det är ESGG Overload pre-session!
Kom och prova nya SID/STAR, kanske begär en holdning!

Titta på denna bemanning!

2009-02-18 18:00 2009-02-18 19:45 ESMM_K_CTR Alexander Arildsson ESGG Overload pre-session   
2009-02-18 18:00 2009-02-18 20:00 ESGG_E_APP Håkan Schulz ESGG Overload pre-session   
2009-02-18 18:00 2009-02-18 20:00 ESGG_W_APP Magnus Gustafsson ESGG Overload pre-session
2009-02-18 18:00 2009-02-18 20:00 ESGG_TWR Michael Erixon ESGG Overload pre-session   
2009-02-18 18:00 2009-02-18 20:00 ESGG_APP Tomas Eklund ESGG Overload pre-session   
2009-02-18 18:00 2009-02-18 21:00 EKDK_CTR Mikkel Lindgren ESGG Overload pre-session   
2009-02-18 18:00 2009-02-18 21:00 EKCH_APP Morten Jelle



I morgon kväll söndag 22 Februari 17-22z är det dags för
Göteborg Overload 2009 

Kolla gärna senaste pilot informationen under:

Varmt välkommen!

Magnus, du fick kämpa lite med att få de där två kärrorna att göra en Left turn resp Right turn för att undvika en midair... Själv fick jag deklarera en mycket sen go around då jag hade trafik på banan som inte orkade masa siig bort.  Men det är alltid trevligtn är det händer lite saker!


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