MS ACES layoff, the end of flightsim?


Tord Hoppe:
Microsoft lay off a lot of people according to news at ACES, the developers of MS Flightsimulator, will all be terminated. Please read more of this at Avsim (sorry if this has already been discussed here).

There should have been another option in the poll: The FS brand will be sold in 3 years to a third party, because that's what might happen.

Tord Hoppe:
True, though personally I think it comes down to wether MS will continue with PC gaming at all. If they do, MS FS is probably making enough money to continue when the economy improves. If they decide to only continue with XBox gaming, well then they probably will try to make some money out of some sort of sale of their entire PC legacy. Thatīs a huge move though...

The coming years will be interesting!


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