VATSIM: [Sun 22nd Feb 17-22z] Sweden Göteborg (ESGG) Overload 2009



Scandinavian Virtual Area Control Center proudly
presents Göteborg Overload 2009 second edition on
Sunday 22nd of February at 1700Z to 2200Z.

Göteborg-Landvetter (ESGG) has one runway and
especially during this time of the year the weather
conditions might be challening with strong winds,
heavy snow and limited visibility since the
airport is located at the west coast of Sweden.

Welcome and pratice Your flying skills
in challenging weather and heavy traffic conditions
using the latest arrival and departure routes.

Welcome and enjoy a warm and busy atmosphere with
friendly professional controllers and a lot of
fellow pilots.

For further information, please, have a look at:

On sunday the skye will bee crowded at Göteborg (ESGG), bee there!!

Why not try out the new SID/STAR this evening, pre-Overload session, look at this staffing:

ENOS_CTR online 1630-2000   Anders Henriksen
EKDK_CTR  1800-2100   Mikkel Lindgren ESGG Overload pre-session 
EKCH_APP  1800-2100   Morten Jelle 
ESGG_TWR  1800-2000   Michael Erixon ESGG Overload pre-session 
ESGG_APP  1800-2000   Tomas Eklund ESGG Overload pre-session 
ENGM_TWR  1800-1900   Stian Andersen Traffic please 
ENZV_APP  1800-2030   Anton Brondz 
ESMM_K_CTR  1800-1945   Alexander Arildsson ESGG Overload pre-session 
ESGG_W_APP  1800-2000   Magnus Gustafsson ESGG Overload pre-session 
ESGG_E_APP  1800-2000   Håkan Schulz ESGG Overload pre-session


Dear Pilots,

Tomorrow evening Sunday 22nd of February 17-22z is the evening to fly to
Göteborg Overload 2009.

Please, check latest pilot information:



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