Uploaded Arlanda and Kastrup for FSX


I uploaded the two files ekch_FSX.zip and essa_FSX.zip to the FSNordic site last Sunday (March and at the end of the update process, the site reported that these had been received successfully. 

These files are patches to allow the Swedflight FS2004 airports of Copenhagen Kastrup and Stockholm Arlanda to function in FSX. Bjorn Harlin, on behalf of SwedFlight Design, has given consent for my uploading of these patches.

By Tuesday, the two files had still not appeared in the “new files” section of the library so I e-mailed FSNordic, but have not received a reply. Then yesterday, Thursday March12, the “new files” section of the library went blank and has remained so since.  Does anyone know what is happening?



Thank you for that.
Do you know how is the performance in FSX?
Any SP dependencies?

Hi Bo

I developed these two patches for my own use and considered they were of an adequate standard to share with others.  Some of the Swedflight files have been removed, but with my unfamiliarity of these two airports, I am not aware of the absences they create.  I have had to modify several aprons so the airports are not accurately reperesented.  They look very good in FSX and the fps seems to be quite good.  But obviously not as good as the original FS2004 versions.

I have uploaded these patches to three other sites but would rather not identify them until FSNordic put these in their library, since I imagine simmers in the Scandinavian countries would be the most interested and this is their home site.



I forgot to add I have SP2, how it would perform with SPI only or neither - I don't know


My System:

Intel Core2 Duo E6400
Gigabyte GA 965G DS3 mobo
Sapphire ATI Radeon X1950XT video card PCI-e
512MB with Omega v3.8.421 drivers (Cat7.10)
4GB Transcend 800Mhz DDR2 RAM
Maxtor 80GB 7200rpm hard drive
Maxtor 200GB 7200rpm hard drive
Western Digital 250GB 7200rpm hard drive
NEC FE950+ crt monitor
CHProducts USB yoke and pedals
Windows XP Home edition with SP3
DirectX 9.0(c)
Silverstone Olympia 650W power supply with 54A on the
12v single rail
Five case fans – two intake, three exhaust


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