VATEUD full coverage 26 April 1700-2100 UTC



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VATEUD is pleased to announce the "Full Coverage" event on Sunday 26th April from 1700 to 2100z.

VATEUD's vACCs are all working together to bring you a fantastic evening on VATSIM. Expect all countries to be covered and also, a minimum of one Approach in each country (expect much much more). This means that all FIR's within Europe will have ATC coverage for at least 4 hours, something we rarely see on VATSIM.

There are no specific rules to this event. Just fly across Europe and enjoy the very best of European ATC for 4 hours..... Remember, wherever you go, you will be guided by our talented ATC. Each vACC is making a point in opening as many stations as possible to make your journey a touch more "realistic" and enjoyable.

 Fred, VATEUD 6


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