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We welcomes you to the newest French Virtual Airline. La France French Airlines operates 2 Airbus A319 and 2 Boeing 717 to: Friedrichshafen, Munich, Lisbon, Vienna and Stockolm. We are trying to be realistic and will expand after the pilot numbers.
We will slowly increase our fleet so we can open new routes.
Your flight can be logged by FSAcars, FSPassengers and manual at the website. You as a pilot will also get access to the financial statistics.
We have pilot-pay, wich will result soon in that you as a pilot can buy typeratings and stuff like that.
Our planes is high-quality models produced by JCA and Project Airbus and can only be downloaded by our pilots.
Our pilots do also get access to airports charts of many airports around the world.
We hope that you will have a nice flight with us from Paris CDG1V to your final destination.

Regards/Joakim Holmstrom Zenk
CEO La France Group

Edit: Known bugs on the website: Image of B736 instead of 717, No city guide or airport information of Lisbon and no taillogo at the A319.


We are trying to be realistic


Accept that Time Acceleration more than 8 times is not allowed.


To those who doesn't wanna fly without it! I know that some doesn't like to fly transatlantic flights at real speed and in the development, it was planned with a route between Paris and Santiago de Chile with Boeing 767. Obviolusly, I have forgott to remove it.

Okey, thanks for the explonation 

Our report for Q1 2009 says that la France did a profit of around 40 000$. That in addition to a cabin factor of 83% gives us a good finance position. To increase cabin factor and lowering the fuelburn, we will replace 2 of three daily services from Paris to Friedrichshafen and 1 daily to Lisbon with Saab 2000. The Lisbon route will be operated twice a day except for the withdrawal of one service (S20) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

One daily B717 service is avaible to Friedrichshafen and one daily A319 service is avaible to Lisbon in addition to the Saab services.

Due to this swap of plane, we can terminate the lease agreement of two not yet delivered 717s, and keep our final 717 fleet down to 4.

New routes has been opened to Salzburg and Ljubljana with our third 717 operating for Travelfrance.

This mounths ticket offers:
* 80$ One Way to Friedrichshafen during a limited period of time starting at the 4 April.

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