IVAO-FI: Radar Contact – Helsinki Spring RLE 25.4.2009



Helsinki-Vantaa, EFHK, is by far the largest airport in Finland. It lies in the southern tip of Finland, right next to the capital Helsinki. Over 40 airlines have regular service from Helsinki-Vantaa to hundreds of destinations around the world. Finnair is the biggest operator with its hub being Helsinki-Vantaa.

On Saturday 25th of April IVAO Finland will hold a RLE at Helsinki-Vantaa. Between 1200 and 2100 UTC we will provide all departing and arriving flights at Helsinki-Vantaa for you to enjoy! During this event all control positions will be manned as in real life. The Finnish division is known to the world for its traditional Christmas Fly-In to Rovaniemi and soon for its real life events, too. Our staff and air traffic controllers gathered valuable experience during the Scandinavian RLE with tens of flights - now we're ready for hundreds.

The Finnish Virtual Aviatiors' Association (Suomen Virtuaali-ilmailijat, SVIL) is a non-profit organization that supports virtual aviation activities in Finland. The organization will arrange an event in Vantaa parallel to the RLE. Some of the pilots and controllers will be working from the event and online flying in IVAO will be promoted at the event.

Booking flights has been made easy and our booking system, improved from the Scandinavian RLE, is now open!. Fully staffed, fully jammed, be ready...


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Sådär... Nu har jag bokat två flyg fram och tillbaka från Landvetter...  

25 april!! Min födelsedag! Jag kommer nog med en flight elr två!


Jag kan inte registrera mig. När jag skrivit in och tryckt på ''Next'' så händer inget.



One day to go, so come and book your flights, there is stil a lot of flights available! 



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