Atlantic Northeast searches local/regional partners!


Atlantic Northeast is searching for regional operators wich are willing to operate Atlantic Connect and/or UK Express flights.

Each airline will be able to lease planes free during the time as operator.
The Atlantic Connect fleet consists of Embraer 145, Embraer 170, Embraer 190, Fokker 100 and Boeing 717.
Atlantic Connects flies from UK hubs and European focus-cities on high frequency flights.
UK Express got a fleet of Cessna Caravan and Embraer 120. UK Express is UK Domnestic flights to smaller cities from larger airports.

The planes will wear Atlantic Northeast livery but with your logo on the fuse below the windows. It is possible for start-up VA's and established to bid.
Intrested VA's shall contact via PM or mail to: swedjet(at)gmail(dot)com

Atlantic Northeast is one of the largest VA's in UK. It has grown to a major VA in the UK since it started in 2003. Now it is going to reequip the fleet with SGA, POSKY and PFJ planes and redesign the website.

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Regards//Joakim Holmstrom Zenk
Communications Manager Atlantic Northeast Group


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