FSX Maule VSI Gauge Stuck at 0


Hello everyone.

My problem is with the Maule aircraft (both with and without the skiis), and the problem is that the vertical speed indicator is stuck at 0. Maybe there is some switch somewhere I don't know about, but I haven't found it! All other gauges, including the airspeed and altimeter works fine, so I doubt there is a problem with the static system.

I'm not very experience with flight simulator, I got my flying experience from Il-2, so any help is appreciated!

I have FSX and Acceleration.

NOTE : if this is something that's addressed already, please point me to the topic and delete this.


So nobody else has this problem? Just post a reply if your maule orion VSI gauge DOES work. I'd like to know what version you are using and perhaps other variables that might be involved.

Maule is part of the default aircraft package in FSX so it SHOULD work, right? I'm puzzled.


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