VFR in Finland



For first, i want to intruduce myself to all who dont know me yet. I am from Germany and at the moment i am living in Berlin and Frankfurt (working for LH). First time i was in Finland is a couple of years ago and i started to learn finnish language on my own. This isnt very easy but i really like to speak it. I am soon moving to Finland and so i thought about what i can do now to expedite my learning process.

Now, i had a lot of help from several members of finnish division and i want to thank those people. They helped me to learn the finnish phrases which i need to fly VFR in Finland. That means that i will start my first finnish VFR flight around the next weekend.

Puhun vain vähän suomea, so please dont be mad if i understand something wrong then, I try to give my best. If its not possible to continue in finnish, I will switch to english language. Normally, I will fly the track EFHK-EFKU because Kuopio is the city, which i visited the most time when I was in Finland.

i hope to see you all soon in the air


/rmk: i will always put a remark into my flightplan about that my finnish isnt very well  // i will try to translate this post also in finnish language as soon as possible


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